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Building a country-wide ICT infra-structure will ensure access to information by every citizen to facilitate empowerment of people and enhance democratic values and norms for sustainable economic development by using the infra-structure for human resources development, governance, public utility service and all sorts of ICT enabled services.

It is necessary to take integrated activities through the related different authority, entrepreneur, consultant and personalities under the integrated policy and effective institutional structure, creating favorable atmosphere and play helpful role by the government.

Considering the importance of ICT the Govt. of Bangladesh has formed a national ICT Task Force with Honorable Prime Minister as its Chairperson. The project titled "Support To ICT Task Force Programme" has been undertaken under the Planning Division as it's implementing agency with the directives of national ICT Task Force and prior approval of Honorable Prime Minister.

The project was recommended at an estimated cost of Tk. 8316.20 Lac in a pre-ECNEC meeting held on 05.06.2002, 19.09.2002 & 10.10.2002.The project was approved by ECNEC in its meeting held on 24.11.2002 at the same cost recommended by pre-ECNEC meeting with some observations. PP was approved by DPEC in its meeting held on 03.05.2003.
Support to National ICT Taskforce to ensure access to information by every citizen to facilitate empowerment of people and enhanced democratic values and norms for sustainable economic development by using the infrastructure for human resources development, e-governance, public utility services and all sorts of on-line ICT-enabled services.
Objectives and Targets
The objectives of the project are:
  1. Create favorable atmosphere in the country and play effective role for the development of the ICT sector and utilize its opportunity for effective and efficient decision-making.
  2. Provide assistance for development, expansion and implementation of ICT related integrated programs.
  3. Assist and support in implementing ideas and views in the form of decision taken by ICT Task Force.
  4. Launch e-governance for increasing dynamism and efficiency of the government utilizing the Information and Communication Technology in a planned way.
  5. Undertake and implement different programs/pilot projects in order to re-enforce the stakeholders for motivation and more participation in ICT sector.
  6. Support ICT Task Force in formulating related policies and monitor the activities undertaken by concerned Ministries/Govt. and Non-govt. agencies to implement the decision taken by the ICT Task Force.
  7. Any activity entrusted by the National ICT Task Force
Program wise detailed implementation targets will be fixed-up in consultation with the consultants which are yet to be recruited. However the target areas of the pilot projects to be taken under the project are stated below:
  • Video-conferencing : An alternate communication network, which will provide maximum reliability and security of communication and enhance speed and efficiency in decision- making and follow up of compliance status.
  • e-Police : Establish connectivity between citizen and police accessible through all possible way (e.g on-line GD, e-mail etc) and empowering police department for monitoring and supervising activities of patrol police
  • Digital Divisional Town : Provide electronic processing of major citizen services, empower local representatives, introduce electronic form of institution and Introduce Kiosk to increase accessibility of citizen to the digital form of content.
  • Web Portal : Help citizens to improve their employment or income-generation potential and move the efforts as first step towards the e-govt.
  • e-Government Initiatives : improve the efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and accountability of government using information and communications technologies.
  • Building eGovernment Platform : build IT infrastructure having unique shape to facilitate any eGovernance initiatives.
  • Research and Development : promote and develop IT sector in relevance with the country needs through continuous research.
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